About Todosobreelagua

about todosobreelagua
about todosobreelagua

What do you know about the water that you consume and clean yourself with every day? Is it clean, safe and healthy for you? Know more about todosobreelagua.com and how we can help you

If you search the web about drinking water there are many myths and claims without any scientific evidence or sources. We decided to find out the facts and create this website to share our love for tap water. And all information should be backed up by facts.

Our objective is to provide you with information about the tap water in Europe and other parts of the world. Initially we focus on Spain because we are based in Barcelona but the intention is to cover all of Europe and Latin America.

The team behind this website is a group of water enthusiasts, tech geeks and water experts.

The website wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for our sponsor Tapp Water. They promote drinking of tap water and use of filters in cities and household where it’s necessary. Our objective is to stay impartial from our sponsors except where we mention them as a possible filtering technology and product.

Please let us know if you find any issues on the website by using the contact form.

Magnus Jern, Chief Editor
Toni Tort, Manager