Benefits of a shower filter

If you live in an area where the water is highly chlorinated, hard or contaminated then a shower filter can protect you from all of the risks and side effects of chlorinated water highlighted in “Why you may want to use a shower filter“.

The main purpose is to remove as much chlorine as possible but they may also reduce other substances and metals. By removing the chlorine the filter vastly reduces the impact of showering on your skin, hair, lungs as well as THMs.

People with chlorinated and hard water who switched to using a shower filter note that “the very first time you shower you can feel the difference in your hair and skin”.

And you’ll save money because you will no longer need to buy expensive conditioners, hot oil treatments, or trips to the hair salon.

In summary a shower filter will

  • protect from possible contaminants such as THMs
  • reduce impact from chlorine on your skin and hair
  • save you money in hair and skin products

Worth considering at least.

Read more about the facts and myths of water filters in the FAQ section.

Independently tested shower filters that can easily be installed at home are available from Tapp Water, Culligan and Aquasana. Read more about which shower filter technology to choose.