Save money with water filters

Clearly the best and cheapest option is to drink the tap water directly. But not everyone lives in an area where the tap water is good for drinking and showring. Thankfully you may actually save money by investing in a water filter for your faucet or shower.

For drinking water the cost of a faucet water filter such as TAPP 1 is about €60-80 per year for a household of 2-4 people versus the average spend of €200-400 on bottled water.

For showering it’s not as easy to make a direct comparison but we’ve found that women and men can reduce their spend on hair and skin products considerably. One study found that women spend more than €400 euro per year on skin and hair products. If that could be reduced by just 15% it will pay for the annual cost of a €60 shower filter.

Finally, we recommend reducing your water consumption in general. Over the coming months we will be adding tips and insights about how to save water and how to save money with water filters.

save money with filters
What tap water filter should you use?

Take a close look to our filter guide and you will be able to decide wisely.

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